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Welcome to

Go Gardening! 

June 2022 - Episode 2

Welcome to Go Gardening, a project that is being produced by Gardening Volunteers of South Texas and Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District.

Go Gardening is also made possible through our sponsors San Antonio Water System and San Antonio River Authority. Thanks guys!

We hope you enjoyed our very first show last month. You'll be able to watch Episode 1  soon on GVST's YouTube channel. Here's a quick teaser about what you'll see in the next Go Gardening.

This month we're focusing on water recycling and how you can "harvest" rain to use in your landscapes and save thousands of gallons of water each month. Our first segment features a home in Shavano Park and a landscape designed by the owner. To top it off, she uses large tanks, rain barrels and even two liter bottles to water her yard and plants. Next we take a step up to a homeowner who went big...20,ooo gallons big. But once you see the system, you might think to yourself, I could do that. His motivation for installing this large rainwater harvesting system is to preserve the local aquifers. Now there's a noble and important cause. Lastly, we visit the largest recycling project in America, and it sits right here in South Bexar County. It's truly and amazing story you won't want to miss.


And don't forget the Go Gardening Q&A. With South Texas in extreme drought conditions, we thought we'd provide some answers to questions about Stage 2 landscape watering restrictions.

We hope you enjoy this month's Go Gardening!

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