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May 2023 - Season 2, Episode 4

Go Gardening Season 2 Episode 4

Go Gardening Season 2 Episode 4

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Go Gardening is produced by the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas and Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District to focus on the importance of saving water through best practice landscape maintenance and design.

Go Gardening is also made possible through our sponsors San Antonio Water System and San Antonio River Authority. Thanks guys!

With the advent of the growing season in South Texas, it is the right time to fertilize your potted plants and yard. There are lots to choose from so, Go Gardening invited Mark Peterson, a well-known horticulture expert in San Antonio, to walk us through the most eco-friendly types of fertilizers to apply and how much of them to use. This 10 minutes with Mark will clear up lots of questions about those numbers you find on packaging and the differences between organic and inorganic products.


Then, we headed out to the newly-opened Nectar Bar to speak with its owner Drake White. Drake’s complete focus for this new plant nursery is native plants. In this segment, you’ll get some great ideas on natives to use in full sun and shade. But, just as important, you’ll also learn about nonnative plants which are sometimes referred to as “invasives.” There is one very prevalent nonnative plant we talked about and how its berries are actually poisonous. Do you have these in your yard? The idea here is that you should be removing invasive plants and replacing them with natives.

You can now watch all previous episodes on GVST's YouTube channel.

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